1967 Jaguar XKE – Concours Restoration – For Sale

1967 Jaguar XKE

This car is a Series 1, FHC (2 door fastback coupe), with the 4.2 L engine and the 4 speed transmission.

Numbers Matching and Concours Restoration using the Jaguar Clubs of North America judging rules for 1967 Jaguar XKE.

Has a Heritage Certificate from Jaguar Heritage of England (see below).

Restoration by Tom Jones Motorcars 2016.

$200,000 USD


1967 Jaguar XKE

A few years ago, this 1967 Jaguar XKE came to Tom Jones Motorcars disassembled.  Basically in boxes.  It came to central Oregon from Alaska where a previous owner had repaired any rust that had occurred over the years.  Tom Jones has all these invoices with the details and in consecutive order.

After that, the Jaguar sat in boxes for 6 years before being acquired by Tom Jones.  The concours restoration process took about 5 years, using the Jaguar Cars of North America judging rules.  Everything down to the nuts and bolts were either refurbished, or replaced using OEM equipment (Original Equipment) when necessary.  Tom Jones and his team of restoration specialists take great pride in their experience and expertise, and have been restoring vehicles (pre-1972) since 1984.  It’s a family-owned business and the team is made up of long-time friends, family, and extended family.

For more information about this Jaguar or the restoration process, please call Tom 541-420-2626.

1967 Jaguar XKE


1967 Jaguar XKE

1967 Jaguar XKE

“The most beautiful car ever made”, Enzo Ferrari 1961. This 1967 Jaguar XKE (or XK-E) is also known at Jaguar E-Type, and was originally manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961-1975. The E-Type was based on Jaguar’s D-Type racing car, which had won 3 consecutive years at the 24 Hours of Le Mans taking the win starting in 1955. With a front subframe carrying the engine, front bodywork bolted directly to the body tub, and front suspension, the E-Type was a racing design principle of the 1960’s. At the time, it was common for a lighter-wight car to be preferred, and since the E-Type needed no ladderframe chassis, it weighed only 2900 lbs.






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